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Our AI system contacts, qualifies, and schedules applicants for you. You get a list of qualified applicants and their appointments on your CRM diary every morning

How Bridge Works

Bridge is a powerful and intelligent AI solution that learns from your feedback and adapts to your style. It automates and optimises key tasks for your estate agency

    Applicant Scheduling

    Bridge: Simplify your sales & rental process. Schedule viewings, send confirmations, and update your diary automatically. Plus, follow up with applicants and gather feedback effortlessly

    Applicant Management

    Bridge: Unify applicant management. Unlock insights into preferences, behavior, and feedback. Nurture prospects into loyal buyers or tenants

    Applicant Contact

    Bridge: Connect with applicants through multiple channels. Use tailored questions to gauge suitability and interest. Save hours each day with automated, personalised communication

    Why Choose Bridge
    A few things we’re great at

    Bridge is not a generic solution. It is designed to fit your estate agency goals and budget. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Bridge

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